This premium photo grade is creating a whole new category for solvent media. Solvent printing is not usually associated with high end photo finishing work but Photocard’s striking satine finish and superior coating bridges the gap between UV flatbed/aqueous and solvent.  Photocard is extremely versatile and lends itself to a wide range of applications.  Its unique rigidity allows it to be hung or stood-up without the need for mounting making it more than suitable for POS and signage work. It also features an instant dry coating, a deep color gamut and impressive flexibility, allowing for roll to roll printing.


 PhotoCard Satine

  • Caliper:           12 mil
  • Basis Weight:  333 gsm
  • Gloss (@60):    18
  • Whiteness:      98
3" Core      
30" x 100 ft PhotoCard Satine $138.00
54" x 100 ft PhotoCard Satine $248.00
60" x 100 ft PhotoCard Satine $267.00