SolvArt Smooth Matte



  • Basis Weight: 210 gsm
  • Caliper: 8 mil
  • Gloss (@60): 4.1
  • Whiteness: 83
  • Opacity: 98%
  • Instant Dry
  • Bright White
  • Water Resistant
  • Acid-Free

This high performance matte paper sports an exceptionally smooth surface and remarkably high white tone.  The same coating technology behind our Fine Art Textured has also been applied to our Smooth Matte ensuring images will have a true matte finish.  Though conveniently thin it’s a highly opaque grade allowing for maximum ink load with no cockling.  With an expansive color gamut and extraordinary shadow detail Smooth Matte is a choice selection for any décor, poster, album or photo project. 


  • 54" x 150 feet
  • 60" x 150 feet


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