A revolutionary grade that brings solvent décor printing into a new era.  Fine Art Textured is the first paper of its kind to feature a “true matte” finish.  Until now the inherent problem with solvent matte prints is the noticeable sheen left behind when ink meets paper.  The technology behind this grade eliminates this issue allowing the solvent industry to finally attain the look of a fine art aqueous print. When you couple this innovative feature with the distinct luxurious texture of SolvArt Fine Art you’re left with the ideal substrate for quality décor printing. The bright white tone of this grade enhances and amplifies colors and creates beautiful contrasts between black and white.  Printers once hesitant to switch from aqueous to solvent unwilling to sacrifice quality for cost will now be searching for a reason not switch. Fine Art Textured is acid-free and compatible with all eco-solvent machines.


 Fine Art Textured

  • Caliper: 15 mil
  • Basis Weight:  300 gsm
  • Gloss (@60):    4.2
  • Whiteness:      96
3" Core      
54" x 75 ft Fine Art Textured $284.00